Hi there!

Sooo, you've been thinking about getting some beautiful portraits of yourself or your family but haven't found the right time to do it? Most of us try to wait until we loose weight, until we feel that our skin is glowing, until we feel radiant, and then guilt sets in and we wonder if we are being too vain in wanting portraits. 

Let me tell you a not so secret: it's actually a beautiful and normal feeling to want to exist in photographs for ourselves, to see our journey in this space called earth, and how we evolve throughout the years in each phase that we experience.  

Now, the perfect moment never arrives... you have to just put your fears and worries aside and just do it!  

I am a Portrait Photographer that is passionate about creating the best photographs that capture YOU, your personality, your style, your essence.  

"MIYA" is a Japanese name that means 'increasingly beautiful', and I firmly believe in the intensity and power of beautifully crafted images of people in their best light, mood and expressions in order to be cherished and be made unforgettable to exist in photographs. 

Don't hesitate and call me, let's design your portrait session together and create the style in which you would love to be photographed.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ingrid <3