Should I wear my label?

2016 has taken the world by a storm - literally and figuratively; from the collective social issues we are encountering, to the personal and very private labels we face everyday, this year could be called as anything BUT simple.  

The Skinless Project organization ( decided to launch a campaign to tackle some of these issues and turn the narrative into a positive empowering one.  As women we get to navigate our days wearing multiple hats, and in this case, t-shirts. Either as student, mother, single, married, muslim, african-american, latina, entrepreneur, exercise junkie, health conscious individual, just to name a few ... everything and anything at the same time.  

Our existence and journey is challenging from our own standards and perspectives to the pressures we feel our surroundings to impose on us. We can't avoid them, we just need to face them and own them.  Make the most of them and figure out how to build a strong positive sense of self and community around us: day by day.  Wearing a t-shirt with a message might not seem like a big deal, but it could be a reminder to us and those around us of the choices we embody and are striving to maintain. 

This campaign was a collaboration of several talented individuals:

  • Photographer - Ingrid Ascencio,  Studio MIYA Photography
  • Fashion Stylist - Jillian McCann, (
  • Videographer - Sheheryar Ahsan 
  • HMUA - Niccole Mitch and Faatimat Rufai
  • Models: Samantha, Meleah, Maiyasa, Amira, Joy, Griselda, Lana, Heather
  • Assistants: Yevgen Solodkyy, Anwar Eaton

Especial thanks to: Elmhurst Public Library, Patriot Boxing Gym and The Brewpoint Coffee ( 


Come and join our campaign to empower women around the world by honoring the women we know, the women we were and the women we wish to be. Visit us at #ownyourlabels