The 5 love languages

Quality time, words of affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, receiving gifts. I was fascinated when I heard about these 5 categories for love language and quickly rushed into taking the quiz to figure out what was I. Apparently the top three for me change in order but stay strongly the same and at this moment in life my top language is quality time.

And only now I realized how couples sessions embody all 5 languages at some point in time:

Quality time - They definitely spent a full day of quality time since we spent most of the day together and pushing them to an experience that they hadn't lived together yet. It's me, an assistant and my makeup artist following them two around and playing with poses, scenarios, interactions, light, and lots of fun.

Acts of service - usually it is one person wanting this experience of capturing images of them together, and the other one is definitely complying out of love because they wouldn't otherwise have done it at all. They see the value and how worth it is after the fact, but at the moment they are just graciously going along.

Words of affirmation- it is inevitable to hear them out during the session since both of them look their best and it gives the other person a chance to see them shine under different light. I always observe how they both have a sparkle in their eyes for one another. The sweetest moments and loving words are what fuel my art.

Physical touch - it's incredible but I can physically see the moment when a couple finds their groove and energy in tune and they blossom. I've encountered it time and time again, the radiance that she displays with his arms around her, and the comfort he finds with her fingers in his hands. It's truly magical.

Receiving gifts - this usually are the prints or wall art they order for one another. They either display it proudly large in their home or print them as a series to frame. Some people like to print an album and place it in their coffee table or take individual wallet prints with them wherever they may go. I find these prints the most romantic expression of their love, but then again I'm truly drawn to visuals in my life.

How about you? Have you ever had a couple session with your spouse or significant other? Why or why not?

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