Recruit your friends in your love-quest

The dating scene is nothing short of scary nowadays.  Everybody seems to be searching for love and feeling the abyss of daunting expectations, the uncertainty, the lack of available options,  the pressure of people around you keeps sneering on.   I get it,  I've experienced been single in my twenties and thirties and mainly in America. However now that I've moved across the world to Egypt I keep on hearing the same issues from my single friends. So the reality is: IT'S HARD. I do believe women have an added layer of pressure however that doesn't exclude guys from also feeling overwhelmed and frustrated in trying to find a compatible spouse.

Online dating feels completely foreign to me, I tried it and failed miserably! However that's not to say that it never works, since there are some successful stories out there. But its brutal, I've seen it done by both guys and girls... swipe left, swipe left, swipe left, hmmm swipe right.  And what does the 'swipe right' candidate had that the other ones didn't? Usually a good picture. Honestly, the person won't even go into looking for more of their personal details unless they find a good picture of the candidate in question.  And this goes not just for apps, but also for more inclusive dating sites and matrimonial services.   Yes, it sounds shallow but lets be honest, unless there's something physical that calls your attention you most likely won't give the person a chance.  And I'm not talking about let's all go for Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie's looks but there has to be something unique in the person that sparks your attention.

You're not into the whole online matchmaking services to enroll your picture in the selection of candidates? Fine! Don't do it... I strongly recommend you follow your instinct and if the thought of opening a profile in a matrimonial service makes you want to vomit, please don't.  However, as I mentioned in my previous post, even your social media profile could serve as your indirect source to finding love.  Or at minimum, have some good pictures of yourself so that your friends and family can show you off to those who they might think could be compatible with you!

I've seen soo many bad pictures of people's profiles that one really wonders what in the world are they thinking?! Girls would put the trendy duck-face selfie, a bathroom mirror image of their outfit for the day, a resting b---- face or on the opposite spectrum, a picture of kittens and rainbows.  The guys are not any better, they would post the most obnoxious poses of themselves trying to show either their muscles, their cool cars or motorcycles (and they are always always wearing either a helmet or super dark sunglasses), some sort of picture with them and their pet in a action pose therefore is blurry and completely unflattering, or also an obscure abstract image of  some hero, or some artsy dark manly drawing or something from a comic strip.  And if you happen to be the friend that is trying to show them off to somebody that you think might work out for them, you end up sounding super patronizing and going on and on about their wonderful personality and attributes meanwhile the person in front is just blankly staring at a blurry picture of your friend in a group picture where his or her face only shows in 10% of the area.  My point is there's not a good picture of them at all!!!  You either are trying too hard or not trying at all.

What would an ideal picture look like? In the case of dating, I believe it has to be an open honest picture of yourself.  No, I don't mean show yourself in your pajamas and eating cold pizza out in the porch of your house type of honest.  You still have to present a good version of yourself, but it has to be well lit, in a natural and comfortable body language, honest and friendly face expression and some personality in the mix.   Yeah, easier said than done, especially if you're trying to take the picture yourself.  Usually it's best if someone else takes it, either a friend while a group is hanging out, or your sibling while you're being chill and feel super awesome on that day, or hire a photographer and make it a lifestyle session!  You don't have to wait to get married or have a baby for your to hire a professional to do your portraits.


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