The portrait that brought love to my life

Life has a way of showing you so many pieces of your puzzle come together in the most mysterious ways.  If I were to track back how each piece got formed and put together it would take a couple of hours to explain, but this one is the most obvious one, THIS PORTRAIT.   

You see, when people often ask me how did I meet my husband I have two versions to choose from: the shocking one (I met him on Facebook!) and the more traditional one (We had common friends). Both versions are true, however when I think about it, a crucial part of this story starts with my picture.  I had a professional portrait session where me and another photographer friend of mine wanted to practice some of the newest material we had both been learning for contemporary photography back early 2015.  So we got together in her studio, had an amazing makeup artist there to polish our look and got to play for the next couple of hours with our outfits, and poses and light while the music was blasting in the background.  We laughed, we played and learned so much that day it was glorious.  I remember coming out of there exhausted and exhilarated.  This was my favorite image of me and I put it up all over my social media, it felt comfortable and friendly and truly me!   

Well, a couple of months later this guy messages me out of the blue on Facebook messenger while I was actually doing a photosession for a highschool senior.  So he goes introducing himself as someone that knows a friend of mine, to make sure I know we had people in common.  I honestly was just being polite and answered his questions as he was making conversation but after I finally finished the session I looked at my phone and wondered who was this guy that was soo persistent into talking to  me.  I mean, most guys disappear after a couple of lines and they run out of things to say!  So I go and click into his profile since at this point I was only talking to a tiny dot in my screen and hadn't seen what he looked like.  OMG HE'S SOOO HOTTTTT!!!! (I actually said that out loud LOL!) 

Anyhow, of course looks are not the only thing that matter but they are an important part of the whole package when choosing the person you fall in love with.  So this is my story, later on I'll give the continuation of my story in upcoming posts, but for now let's just say that it really changed my life.   

What about you? if you're single, do you have a good portrait of you to put out to the world? #findinglove #alifelongadventure #studiomiya #cairophotographer #cairoportraits #cairophotography 

The portrait that changed my life ...

The portrait that changed my life ...